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Sheridan Illustration FAQ

    iPad Pro and Pencil

  1. Why do I need an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil?

    You will use the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to support your learning in all four years of the program. Your iPad Pro and Apple pencil will be required for both in-class work and projects outside classes.

  2. I have my own iPad Pro do I have to buy the new one?

    Please review the specification requirements for the iPad device needed for Sheridan's Illustration program. If your device meets the specification requirements for Sheridan's Illustration program, do not need to purchase a new device.

  3. Can I use an older model iPad?

    Please review the specification requirements. If our iPad meets the speciation requirements, you may use it.

  4. Can purchase a used/or refurbished iPad Pro?

    Please review the specification requirements. If the device you are considering meets the requirements, you may purchase it.

  5. Do I need to have an iPad?

    Yes, an iPad is required for Sheridan's Illustration program. You will use this device in your classes and to complete activities and assignments outside of class. Additionally, some of the software you will use will not work on other tablet devices.

  6. Can I purchase a tablet from a different manufacturer (e.g. a Microsoft Surface or Samsung Tablet)?

    An iPad is required because some of the software you will need to support your learning will not work on other tablet devices.

  7. What else do I need to purchase in addition to the tablet?

    You need the Apple pencil (model number: A1603).

  8. Can I use another pencil (that is compatible with the iPad)?

    No, The Apple Pencil is needed for your classes and assignments. Additionally, Sheridan's Illustration program provides technical support for the A1603 Apple Pencil.

  9. Do you recommend any additional accessories for the iPad Pro?

    We highly recommend that you purchase a case for your device. A keyboard may be also helpful.

  10. Do I need to purchase any additional software for the iPad?

    No, the software you will need (e.g. Adobe Suite and Procreate) will be provided to when you start the program.

  11. I have already purchased Abobe suite or procreate can I get a refund from Sheridan for the cost of this software?

    We cannot provide refunds if already own one or more of these programs. However, some vendors will allow you to cancel personal subscriptions.

  12. Who can I talk to about using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in my first-year classes?

    You may speak with each of your professors about how you will be using your iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in their course.

  13. Who can I ask about the hardware specifications, gaining access to software etc.?

    For questions regarding the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil specifications or gaining access to software please contact the Illustration program technologist, Graham Gentleman.

  14. Is there financial support for purchasing the IPad Pro and Apple Pencil?

    Students who meet specific qualification criteria may be eligible to receive a bursary that will support the purchase of technology needed for their education.

  15. Where else can I get information about the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil?

    We encourage you to attend the First Year Orientation activities for your program. Please continue to monitor your email for information about first year orientation.

iPad Pro Requirements


11" iPad Pro

  • Processor: Apple M1 or M2
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Graphics: 10-core GPU
  • Capactiy: 128GB or higher
  • OS: iPadOS 16


12.9" iPad Pro

  • Processor: Apple M2
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Graphics: 10-core GPU
  • Capactiy: 1TB or higher
  • OS: iPadOS 16


  • Required: Apple Pencil (2nd generation)
  • Recommended: Case and keyboard

Important Notes, Please Read!

  • The Sheridan Apple Store is available online at:
  • Students can purchase online or from any Apple Retail Store at Education pricing, provided they show a valid student number
  • Apple's Back to School Promotions usually begin mid to late summer
  • AppleCare+ Protection Plan is recommended

Model Numbers

  • iPad pro: A2436, A2764, A2437, A2759, A2435, A2761, A2378, A2461, A2379, A2462, A2377, A2459, A2301, A2460
  • Pencil (2nd generation): A1603


  • Please contact Graham Gentleman for any questions regarding your technical needs.
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